Welcome to our family of brands.
The Volero family includes our own Canadian brands as well as licensed brands from around the world.


We are enthusiastic extraction engineers, leveraging the latest techniques and technology, or pioneering our own, to obtain the best outcomes from every opportunity.


Unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant involves more than one lock. To unlock the future, we are working to unlock the wisdom of the past.


Volero brands is about more than buzzwords and hype. The work ethic is one of tenacity, details and dependability. We are in this for the long-haul.


We live here. We work here. We raise our kids here. Like you, community matters to us. Community health and vitality isn’t just the job of government – it falls to all of us.


We process local agriculture, manufacture locally and employ local people. Our profits stay here to support the growth of our people and our company.

Quality Assurance

Cannabis processors are the trusted link in the supply chain to ensure product safety. Every delivery of input materials from local farms is tested for contaminants before finished products are shipped to provincial distributors and, ultimately, consumers.

Delivery Systems

Processors transform an agricultural crop into a variety of products consumers can benefit from, including edibles, beverages, vaporizers or concentrates. These products all feature cannabis oil as the active ingredient.

Extraction & Refinement

Cannabis oil is separated from input plant material and purified into multiple compounds, much the same as essential oils such as lavender or mint. These compounds are consistently shown to have therapeutic benefits and uses.


Health Canada has set strict packaging guidelines, including child resistance, warning labels and tamper evidence. Processors are trusted to maintain these standards for craft cannabis flowers and finished cannabis products.


Known Cannabinoids


$B - Global Market by 2025


Countries to explore


Strategic Partnerships

This is more than a venture. It's an adventure.

We invite you to join is. We can’t predict the future, but together we can make the most of it.